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When laser fails you, electrolysis succeeds.

Electrolysis for permanent hair removal.

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Welcome to

Breier Hair Removal

& Skin Care

We give you more time and attention

We use the finest professsional products and ingredients...

just a couple of reasons why

industry professionals are among our clients.

We treat Men & Women of all shapes, sizes and colors.

Feel Comfortable in your own skin at BREIER.

We Provide

Permanent Hair Removal - Electrolysis

All techniques of thermolysis including Pico, Multiplex & Synchro

plus all other modalities to include Blend and Multiple Probe Galvanic

State of the art equipment for maximum comfort & results with difficult cases.*

SKIN CARE Treatments for all Skin Types:

Dry, Oily, Sensitive, Dull, Acneic-Oily, Acneic-Dry,

Hyperpigmentation, Normal, Combination, Dehydration and more

We use the finest botanicals, natural & cosmeceutical skin care products.


Skincare Specials & Hair Removal Specials!

Arlene Batz, CPE

Board Certified Electrologist

NYS Licensed Esthetician

Electrology Educator

Nominated: BEST BET






*Some info: If you decide to begin electrolysis, schedule a short initial treatment as that will give you an idea of what to expect. Generally, treatment feels more comfortable and skin heals better when we are well hydrated so remember to drink the suggested amount of water, usually 8 glasses (64 ounces). Avoid caffeine and alcohol. Try to get a good night's sleep. Tissue reaction may include: swelling, redness, scabbing. Should you scab, remember that scabs are nature's band-aid so do not pick at them. For those who have very thick beards and large pores please note: once the follicle is evacuated, meaning a hair is no longer present, the pore may appear larger. This may be temporary.

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